Category: "Single Boards"

RCA Cosmac VIP

The kit computers available in the later part of the seventies, such as the RCA Cosmac VIP, were great tools for those who wanted to learn programing without having to pay a pretty penny. The RCA Cosmac VIP was one of the more expensive of the bunch. But for the extra money, the learner got […]

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Synertek SYM-1

The Synertek SYM-1 was a 6502-based single board computer produced by Synertek in 1978; it was a derivative of MOS Technology’s KIM-1. Synertek the company began life back in 1973 as a semiconductor manufacturer based in the United States. Their early products consisted of many different custom designed devices, such as static RAMs, ROMs and […]

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The MOS KIM-1 was a single board computer created by MOS Technology in 1976. The acronym KIM stood for Keyboard Input Monitor, which I’m sure their marketing department spent a good few seconds coming up with. The MOS-1 was developed out of MOS Technologies need to build a processor that couldn’t be plugged into existing […]

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