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Vector Graphic Inc Pricelist 1979

          SOFTWARE _______ 5/79 Prices subject to change without notice 31364 VIA COLINAS . WESTLAKE VILLAGE. CA 91361 . TEL.: (213) 991-2302

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Commodore 64 Users Guide

  COMMODORE 64 USER’S GUIDE   TABLE OF CONTENTS   INTRODUCTION 1. SETUP 1.1. Unpacking and Connecting the Commodore 64 1.2. Installation 1.3. Optional Connections 1.4. Operation 1.5. Color Adjustment 2. GETTING STARTED 2.1. Keyboard 2.2. Back to Normal 2.3. Loading and Saving Programs 2.4. PRINT and Calculations 2.5. Precedence 2.6. Combining Things 3. BEGINNING […]

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Seattle Computer Gazelle II Brochure

  The Gazelle II from Seattle Computer is an extremely fast microcomputer. It is based on the 10 MHz Intel 8086 CPU and uses a proprietary memory design which enables the Gazelle II to achieve processing speeds and throughput comparable to many minicomputers. The system, housed in a cabinet with optional casters, incorporates 256K bytes […]

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Commodore 64 User Guide

Below is the Commodore 64 User Guide Thanks to the guy’s at Project 64. Check out their site for more Commodore 64 documentation. COMMODORE 64 USER’S GUIDE _____ / ___|___ | / |__/ c o m m o d o r e | \___|__\ C O M P U T E R \_____| USER’S MANUAL […]

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AT&T 6310 User Guide

  ENVIRONMENTAL AND SAFETY SPECIFICATIONS FOR THE AT&T PC 6310 The AT&T PC 6310 meets the following environmental and safety specifications. Physical Characteristics (All Configurations) CPU          Monochrome Monitor    Color Monitor     Keyboard (Approx.) Size:       15″x16 1/2″x8″  12″x12 1/4″x 12″   14″x14″x14 1/2″  20″x8 1/2″x1″ Weight:           35lbs                17lbs                   […]

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