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The Gazelle II from Seattle Computer is an extremely fast microcomputer. It is based on the 10 MHz Intel 8086 CPU and uses a proprietary memory design which enables the Gazelle II to achieve processing speeds and throughput comparable to many minicomputers. The system, housed in a cabinet with optional casters, incorporates 256K bytes of system memory, two double-sided double-density 8-inch disk drives, two RS-232-C ports and one Centronics parallel port, and space for an optional hard disk drive. The Gazelle has an 18-slot regulated S-100 motherboard.

Expansion options include a 15.7 Mbyte (formatted capacity) Winchester hard disk, an 8087 Numeric Data Processor, additional system memory (expandable to 1Mbyte), and additional serial I/O ports.

Seattle Computer’s DiskMaster’ floppy disk controller which is included with the system, will support both 8-inch and 51/4-inch drives in any combination of up to four drives of each size. Two 8-inch drives are provided in the standard configurations. A connector for optional 514 inch floppy disk drives is provided at the back of the Gazelle II cabinet.

Extensive software is provided with the Gazelle II, including: the MS-DOS operating system with complete development utilities, a full-screen editor Seattle Computer’s FLASH DISKTM (a RAM-disk emulator) and FLASH PRINT” (a print buffering utility). Seattle Computer also offers applications packages such as Multiplan, WordStar, and Real World accounting packages. Microsoft’s BASIC (interpreted and compiled), FORTRAN, Pascal, COBOL and Ryan-McFarland’s COBOL are also available. Xenix will be available in early 1984.


  • 10 MHz Intel 8086 CPU.
  • 8087 Numeric Data Processor optional.
  • MS-DOS 2.0 operating system with complete development utilities.
  • 256’Kof System Memory standard, expandable to 1 MByte.
  • Optional 15.7 MByte (formatted capacity) Winchester hard disk.
  • IEEE-696 (S-100) BUS with extensions (regulated 12 and 5 volts).
  • S-100 Motherboard Design — Active and passive bus termination. Interleaved ground plane.
  • Two half-height, 8-inch, double-sided, double-density floppy disk drives (2.5 MB total capacity).
  • DISKMASTER floppy disk controller capable of controlling up to eight drives, four 8-inch and four 5.25-inch, in any combination.
  • S-100 design facilitates easy system expansion.
  • Two RS-232 serial and one Centronics parallel ports.
  • New, compact, floor-standing enclosure utilizing an efficient, regulated (12 and 5 volt) S-100 bus.
  • Screen-oriented and line-oriented text editors included.
  • Supports MS-DOS compatible software.
  • FLASH DISKTM RAM-disk emulator.
  • FLASH PRINT’ print buffering utility.


S-100 Design — Compatible with IEEE-696 specifications, except for the use of a regulated bus which is more efficient and 10 MHz timing which the IEEE does not specify.

CPU Chip — Intel 8086-1 specified at 10 MHz. 8 MHz version also available for use with 8 MHz 8087 Numeric Data processor.

System Memory — 256K bytes, expandable to 1 Mbyte. Memory Organization — 64K by 8-bits or 32K by 16-bits.

Disk Drives — Two half-height 8-inch double sided double density (2.5 Mbyte total capacity) floppy disk drives provided in standard configuration.

Clock Speed — For the factory provided 10 or 8 MHz CPUs switch selections provide for alternate half-speed operation, 5 or 4 MHz respectively.

Wait States — Four conditions: 1. One wait on all cycles; 2. One wait on memory cycles; 3. One wait on 1/0; 4. No waits.

SXTRO — ON or OFF (when OFF, 8-bit only data transfer).

Timers — Four 16-bit programmable timers, two of which may be combined for time-of-day, two for general purpose, or all four for general purpose.

Fully Interrupt Driven — 8259A vectored interrupt controllers used throughout. Interrupt structure features programmable priorities and priority rotation, masking.

Parallel Port — Centronics parallel output port.

Serial Ports — Two Rs-232 serial ports with individually programmable baud rates. Sixteen software selectable baud rates are available, from 50 to 19200 baud.

Power Requirements 90V ac to 132V ac or 180V ac to 264V ac (switch selectable). 47 Hz to 440 Hz.

AC Convenience Outlets — Two unfused, unswitched ac outlets provided at the back panel. Outlets provide 112V ac @ 15A or 230V ac @ 7.5A based on input voltage selected.

Operating Environment 0°C to 70°C.

System Cooling — Chassis mounted fan provides positive pressure cooling to the system.

RFI/EMI Certification — FCC Class A verified for RFI/EMI emissions.

Physical Dimensions — Height – 26.0″, Width – 14!75″, Depth – 26.0″ , Weight – 70 lb.

Enclosure — Modular design for easy access.

Limited Warranty Summary

When sold by Seattle Computer or through an authorized Seattle Computer dealer, this product is warranted to the end-user for a period of 90-days for both parts and labor. When sold to the end-user by an OEM, the warranty terms vary. Consult your OEM for specific warranty coverage. Seattle Computer offers repair service for its manufactured products beyond warranty coverage. This is a summary of the warranty. A complete warranty statement is printed in the product manual and is also available from Seattle computer upon request.


SCP-820 Gazelle II Microcomputer with Two 8-inch floppy disk drives

SCP-830 Gazelle II Microcomputer with one 8-inch floppy disk drive and a 15.7 Mbyte hard disk.



1114 Industry Drive Seattle, WA 98188 18004268936

In Washington State,

(206) 575-1830


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