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Kaypro 10

For just a few dollars more than the cost of adding a separate hard drive to an existing computer you could buy the Kaypro 10. A full featured transportable computer, built by Non-Linear Systems in Solana Beach CA. The Kaypro 10 followed the Kaypro II and is similar to it and the Kaypro 4 in […]

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Osborne Vixen

The Osborne Computer Corporation offered the Osborne Vixen computer in 1984, just as they were about to go bankrupt. This machine was not officially released by Osborne, but by a consultant named Fred Coury. It was a natural development from the earlier Osborne 1 and was also named “Osborne 4” by some. It was created […]

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Panasonic Executive Partner

The Panasonic Executive Partner definitely looks like a product designed by someone with a vision of a laptop. It had the layout of what would be a very large laptop of today. It was not that light, and weighed in at 28 pounds. But this computer had one extra addition, an internal printer. The display […]

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