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Commodore 64 Users Guide

  COMMODORE 64 USER’S GUIDE   TABLE OF CONTENTS   INTRODUCTION 1. SETUP 1.1. Unpacking and Connecting the Commodore 64 1.2. Installation 1.3. Optional Connections 1.4. Operation 1.5. Color Adjustment 2. GETTING STARTED 2.1. Keyboard 2.2. Back to Normal 2.3. Loading and Saving Programs 2.4. PRINT and Calculations 2.5. Precedence 2.6. Combining Things 3. BEGINNING […]

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Commodore 64

Today we live in an age where we all expect results in an instant, as society seems to have lost its patience for waiting for stuff to just happen let me take you on a journey back to a much simpler time, the 1980’s and the birth of the Commodore 64 home computer. Back then […]

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