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Osborne Vixen

The Osborne Computer Corporation offered the Osborne Vixen computer in 1984, just as they were about to go bankrupt. This machine was not officially released by Osborne, but by a consultant named Fred Coury. It was a natural development from the earlier Osborne 1 and was also named “Osborne 4” by some. It was created […]

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Osborne OCC-2 Executive

The Osborne Computer Corporation some original and successful computers. The Osborne Executive came right after their “Osborne 1” model. The Osborne Executive was the source of some improvements over the earlier model, with a larger screen, more memory, and the like. It was designed portable, but in those days that meant “luggable”, as in “luggage”. […]

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Osborne 1

The Osborne 1 or OCC-1 was the first portable computer to get to market and become a commercial success. Released in 1981 by the Osborne Computer Corporation the unit weighed in at a hefty 23.5lb and cost a whopping $1795. Housed in a sewing machine sized box, the unit comprised of a small 5 inch […]

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