Kaypro II

The Kaypro II was a more modern looking computer even though it came out in 1982. The Kaypro company was founded by Andy Kay and under the name of Non-Linear Systems. The Kaypro II was the first computer made totally of metal. It was designed to be portable. It weighed …

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Heathkit H89

The Heath Company of Benton Harbor, Michigan founded in 1912 by Edward Bayard Heath became early pioneers in the electronics industry. They created a line of products known as Heathkits, these allowed electronic enthusiasts to purchase a kit version of an electronic product and build an equivalent home assembled version …

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Osborne 1

The Osborne 1 or OCC-1 was the first portable computer to get to market and become a commercial success. Released in 1981 by the Osborne Computer Corporation the unit weighed in at a hefty 23.5lb and cost a whopping $1795. Housed in a sewing machine sized box, the unit comprised …

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